4K Camera

Specification:HD 1080P WiFi Mini Spy Hidden 4K Camera Mini WiFi Spy IP Camera with Irrespecitive Night Vision Led for Home Wireless Security Surveillance Camera for iPhone/Android
* Length 37.5MM,Width 37.5MM,Thickness 32.8MM
* Wide-angle lens 17.5MM,140-degree viewing angle
* DC Input 5V/1A
* T-flash card supports max 128G
* High-capacity lithium polymer 500mA battery sustainable video camera for about 80 minutes

Computer connection:
Under power-on and power-off status, the DV can be directly connected to computer. After connecting to computer, the DV can be used as U Disk. Users can copy, cut, paste and delete files or format U Disk.

1.Scope of using: Please strictly abide by relevant state laws. Do not use this product for any illegal purpose.
2.Operating temperature: Please use the product under natural temperature instead the temperature under which human body cannot adapt to.
3.Operating humidity: Please use the product under the humidity suitable for human life. Please do not place the product in a wet environment and avoid exposing the product to water or rain.
4.Shooting illumination: Please use the product in the environment with sufficient light. Do not directly expose the camera to the sun or other strong light source to avoid damage to optical devices.
5.Cleaning: Do not use the product in a dusty environment to avoid the impact on the shooting effect as a result of contaminated camera or other parts.
6.Waste disposal: Please note environment protection and do not discard the product anywhere. Prohibit throwing the product in a fire

  • CLIENT Travis Co.
  • YEAR 2015
  • PARTNERS Patrick Wilson
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